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Jenn Lee

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The Rumpus, Enough: The Telling of It by Jenn Lee
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Playing House at Burning House Press
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News & Events

News & Events


Jenn's short work of creative nonfiction, "What I Call Myself," will be in issue 4.2 of the Ocotillo Review, out in July and soon to be available for preorder through Kallisto Gaia Press.


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Jenn Lee founded the ARS reading series at Northeastern Illinois University, where she received her BA in English, and is working on an MFA in creative nonfiction at Columbia College.

She has work forthcoming at The Rumpus, and has been published in The Penn ReviewBurning House PressBending Genres, The Tiny Tim Literary Review, Seeds and other places. Jenn lives in Chicago with her partner and two cats.



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